14 Best New Photo Apps for Windows 8

14 Best New Photo Apps for Windows 8

Microsoft is a leading company, providing excellent operating systems to its consumers from over a decade. It has recently launched another remarkable operating system, Windows 8. The first user friendly operating system by Microsoft was Windows 2000. After that Microsoft kept on trying hard and came up with windows XP, vista and then windows 7. Now most fascinating Windows 8 is in market. Windows 8, as compared to its predecessor versions, is more intelligent and user friendly. It is specialized to work with latest intel and other machines. Windows 8 has been furnished with a number of magnificent photo viewing, editing and scanning applications. These applications also express the extent to which new operating system is intelligent. All of these applications are compatible with x86, x64 and ARM processors. Here is the detailed discussion of these applications.

1. The Big Picture

The Big Picture

The big picture is an innovation by STEAM, which basically look like Xbox live. It contains almost all features of STEAM but they are optimized for bigger screen in Big Picture. Also, it is most importantly used for accessing a range of top stories in the form of pictures. This free photograph application of Windows 8 provides high quality pictures of new stories, gathered around the world. This application updates the new photo stories every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The pictures displayed by Big Picture are having complete description of the topic of that specific picture. Pictures are usually displayed in the landscape mode which results in easy navigation and optimized viewing.

The Big Picture is not a new feature in Windows 8, rather it was also present in its predecessor version. It has just been made compatible with the new version of windows. The Big Picture is supported on both x86 and x64 devices. This application is available in English language with user friendly features to be accessible by anyone. Big Picture gives Windows 8 a new metro look, provided with a fast working browser of itself. It also provides you ability to get connected to your social networks and share your material.

2. Fotor


Fotor is an excellent application of Windows 8, which allows you to edit your pictures with an extensive range of editing tools. Besides having the common photo editing features, provided in every conventional photo editor, Fotor is equipped with a number of latest features as well. Most important Fotor specialized features are not only limited to adding frames and effects to the photos but also tilt-shifting and 1-tap enhancing to make them more appealing. Big aperture tool is another amazing feature of Fotor which focuses significant area of your picture and the rest is blurred out. Fotor, in windows 8, has been provided with a number of new and improved features. It is provided with new eye-catching home page sample photos, displayed as a collage of photos which can simply be accessed, while trying new features on photos, by clicking the sample photos’ collage.

In the previous version home page was only provided with features option. Along with new home page, it is also provided with undo-redo options to remove or bring back the editing done on the picture. It is equipped with multi-touch zooming in and out along with variant collage border sizes. Conventional editing features are also covered by Fotor which include collage, adding text, raw converter and various other powerful editing features e.g. maintaining saturation, adjusting brightness and contrast, blurring in or out, cropping, flipping etc.

3. PerfPhoto


PerfPhoto is another photo editing software application for Windows 8. It not only allows you zooming in and out of picture but also capable of resizing it. It provides you with a wide range of gray scales to get better editing results. Besides all these features, PerfPhoto also allows you to rotate or flip your picture, with amazing auto coloring option. You can also vary saturation and set contrast of your picture. PerPhoto is provided with the ability to take a snapshot of yours through webcam and save it at any place of your choice either in bmp,png or in jpg format.

4. FotoBank


FotoBank is a paid photo viewer supported by Windows 8 Operating System. It is such an excellent viewer which enables you to easily browse and view more than 10,000 pictures. It is helpful for you whether you are interested in buildings or heritage, being an architect; or landscapes and flowers being a nature lover. In short it is the best photo viewer for you, no matter which field you belong to or what are your interests. FotoBank performs photo browsing category by category. Once you have selected your category to be viewed, it provides you quick scrolling list of all the available photos in that category as well, along with the picture being viewed.

You can easily save pictures from FotoBank to your system to be used as high quality wallpapers. Pictures from FotoBank can also be shared among your social media network on gmail, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

5. Posters HD

Posters HD

Posters HD is a paid application for windows 8 users. This is provided with an excessive collection of posters of Old Russian and Soviet. These include posters from last cold war as well which were exclusively painted to capture remarkable events with Ronald Reagan, USA etc. Poster HD consists of posters on different subjects including soviet political and war posters, posters of World War 2, posters of soviet planes and pilots also soviet fight with its enemies. These posters also include all Soviet posters labor, great industrial revolution, fight against social evils, maternity and childhood, sports, commerce and tourism, movies.

Posters HD also contains poster of old Russians. Posters HD provides you the option to download posters of your choice which gives best quality full HD resolution of posters when used as wallpapers on desktop.

6. Color Splash Studio

Color Splash Studio

Color Splash Studio is another remarkable photo editing application of windows 8. It is exclusively a new feature in windows operating system introduced by Everimaging. This application is specially equipped with the editing of black and white photos by adding selective colors to it. This sort of editing can clearly be observed in advertisements. Before the introduction of Color Splash Studio, people used to get their black and white photographs edited by professionals, who heavily charge for this sort of editing. But now you can easily edit your old memories and give them classy new look in a short time, rather than spending hours and hours on editing a single picture using softwares with confusing options and difficult to understand interfaces. While editing photos using Color Splash Studio 2.0, you firstly need to browse the photo to be edited and then color the required areas of photo using brush tool. You can also remove the color from any part of the picture, if necessary, using eraser.

This application with user friendly interface does not only allows you to partially restore original colors of your photo but it is also provided with a filter command which makes your photo look more like an original one, by simply adjusting brightness, saturation and sharpness of the brushed parts. Using Color Splash Studio, you can give your black and white photos, a realistic colorful touch just in a few minutes, no matter what is your skill level in this regard. This application provides a number of new and improved features with user-friendly interface. It allows you to vary brush size according to your requirement, and adjust softness and intensity of colors in the photo. You can also hide toolbars by entering full screen mode, this makes editing easy. Above all this application is exclusively created so that it can be perfectly integrated with Windows 8 platform.

7. Birthday Frames

Birthday Frames

Birthday Frames is an interesting photo editing application especially for birthday kids. It allows you to make eye catching birthday albums of your kids by making use of a number of fascinating birthday backgrounds and frames. This application does not only allows you to add frames to your photos but also provides other editing features like rotate and resize the picture within the frame. You can check for the best frame for your picture by first browsing it and opening it in Birthday Frames. Then slide through the navigation frame and open frames in the gallery. Photo to be edited in then moved through all the available frames.

Photo frames available in gallery of birthday frames are unique as copyrights belong only to Birthday Frames. These photo frames are available in a variety of styles furnished with balloons, cakes, ribbons and much more. Along with a range of editing options, it also allows you to apply different color effects like, black and white, old style photos, and sepia red, sepia green, sepia blue tones, the edited pictures. Birthday Frames also allows you to apply birthday frames to directly your facebook photos or share edited photos, using this application, directly on facebook.

8. Instant Photo Booth

Instant Photo Booth

Instant Photo Booth allows you to make your desktop or tablet, a photo booth kiosk. This software works with internal as well as all USB powered external webcams if and only if they are supported by windows 8 operating system. This software application is also provided with 16 built-in layouts of photos. You can choose any of the given layouts to customize your album. Before capturing a picture, Instant photo Booth allows you to preview the picture to be taken and the respected layout to be selected. Once you are finished with your photo session, Instant photo booth also allows you to experiment a number of image styles, backgrounds, corners and border colors.

Instant Photo Booth also furnishes pictures with a small time stamp to help organize them date wise, when needed. This application allows you to share and print photos via windows charm. It also allows you to directly share photos on Facebook and SkyDrive. Instant Photo Booth is equipped with a number of customization options which include varying timeout options for different sessions, camera exposures to be controlled by user, adjusting margin settings for the photo to be printed and mirrored preview option for your photo.

9. Sketch Me More

Sketch Me More

Sketch Me More is a free photo editing application supported by Windows 8. It is basically used to convert your pictures to sketches. To use this application, you need to have a picture either in your photo gallery or to be taken through your webcam. It also works well with the images downloaded using Bing. Once you have a photo, you need to open it in the software and simply convert to a sketch. Converted photo can be saved to a location of your choice on the device. This application also works well with the Facebook application. Sketches can be directly shared on Facebook using this application; also it allows directly conversion of Facebook pictures to sketches. These are some of the basic features of Sketch me more application.

10. Cosmogram HD

Cosmogram HD

Cosmogram HD is an interesting software application for space lovers. It provides you, being a windows 8 user, an extensive collection of more than 300 online photos regarding space. These updated photos of sun, moon, galaxy and rest of the space can be downloaded and used as wallpapers for your PC or notebook’s desktop as well as for lockscreens unless or until they are equipped with Windows 8. These stunning wallpapers of space, earth, moon, shinning, sun and future are available in FullHD resolution, to be easily used on wide screens.

11. InstaGr8


InstraGr8 is an incredible application that can be used on Windows 8 platform. It provides access to instagram which is an amazing service for sharing your photos. You can easily share your photos, which are fed to instagram, on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler. InstaGr8 allows you to directly view feeds of your own on instagram by logging into it. It also allows you to view general feed of instagram, available to all viewers. You are also provided with the option to like or unlike photos while viewing.

Besides viewing, InstaGr8 also allows you to download pictures of your choice. You can either view your feed one by one or in a group. Another great feature is to zoom in or out to view interesting details or have a grouped view. It also provides a range of privacy options to allow restricted access of people to your feed.

12. 365People


365People is a photography project assigned to Tom Jones of U.S. He has started this project in inspiration to variant human species in America. According to him he wants to get an insight into the lives of people around him by photography. Along with the photograph of each person he has also provided a brief bio-data and future goals of him/her. Tom Jones has planned to update story of one person each day and keep continuing this task for a period of one year to cover 365 people all from all over the world.

13. Image Effector

Image Effector

Image Effector is a software application that makes use of image processing techniques. This application allows you to apply special effects to pictures which are in jpg, bmp or png file types. Image Effector allows you to perform some simple editing tasks as well along with specialized features. You can simply zoom in or out your photo along with adjustable brightness and contrast features to be implemented on the photo being viewed. This image processing application allows you to apply threshold changes to your picture. For that you need to first select the desired colors from the available range, and then use slider option to get best effects. Threshold, unlike other applications is not reversible in Image Effector.

Colors option in Image Effector allows you to create a balance among red, blue and green channels and it is also irreversible once implemented. This remarkable application is also furnished with grayscale and sepia editing. Negativate command, used with a range of sub commands, gives an amazing look to your pictures. Cold effects provides remarkable recoloring and other varying effects to your edited photo along with blurring which hides unwanted features of a photo being edited.

14. iScan Air

iScan Air

iScan Air is an application that makes Windows 8 to work with state of the art wireless scanners without the need of specialized device drivers. It lets wireless scanner to get connected to Wi-Fi network of widows 8. In this way you do not need any of the physical communication media to get scanned copies into your system. iScan Air lets wireless scanners to scan hard copied and save images directly to Windows 8 devices. This application also lets you share your scanned documents and images over your social networks. It is also provided with a new feature to select scan resolution.

Using iScan Air you are capable of producing images either in jpeg or pdf format. The size of the image goes well with standard paper. This software application provides you with simple, user-friendly graphical interface with real time preview option while scanning. In short user friendly interface of Windows 8, regardless of your skill level, allows you to make use of almost all of the above mentioned applications. These and many other applications and features had resulted in increased demand of Windows 8.

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