How To Install Apps for Windows 8.1 [Guide]

How To Install Apps for Windows 8.1 [Guide]

Windows computer often come with many pre-installed apps but not depending on your needs. So in order to get the wish, you have to specific software and here you can learn how to install apps for Windows 8.1 with a simple guide. The latest version is easier to understand than the previous. You should note that this guide is well-matched with just Windows computer, do not apply on Windows RT as they can need a bit different process.

Install Apps for Windows 8.1

Step #1: Open up the start screen.

Step #2: Click on “Windows Store” tile.

Step #3: There are various apps to explore, you should use the search bar to get your required app. If you get a free app, simply click on “install” button at the top-left corner. But if you want a paid app, you will have two options, Purchase and Free Trail. Purchase will take cost, then download and install app directly. Free Trail help similarly but do not take money and offer limited features of app.

You will get a notification when your app is installed.

It’s a simple method to install apps on Windows 8.1 officially through app store. We have just the preview build of Windows 8.1 at this time but it’s coming on October 18 officially. If you experience any bad error, leave comments.

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