Official Windows 8 Themes to Make Spicier Interface


In the past times of evolution of technology and advancement, graphics were not used in computing devices but with the passage of time as the technology boosted-up, the use of marvelous graphics also introduced in each and every operating systems for a very large number of reasons such as for the convenience of the users, to easily understand the commands and response accordingly on computers and other electronic devices. In the modern world, almost everyone uses desktops and laptops for different purposes, so the use of operating systems in the sense of graphics is very essential to provide various facilities to the user. If we talk about the popularity and usefulness of graphics, different OS enhanced the user interface with the help of some kinds of themes. From the term of theme , we mean an arrangement of windows colors, desktop’s background images and sounds for giving an exciting environment to the operating system just according to the desire of the user.

By applying multiple themes, users are given assistance to use numerous combinations of colors, sounds and background together with eye catching wallpapers. User can also customize these themes according to his requirements and are able to choose different backgrounds, windows’ colors and sounds and you know that the Microsoft has launched the new version of its amazing operating system with the name of Windows 8 and it provided a very large number of themes for your desktops which can be a good source of joy, entertainment and information as well. You will discover a number of outstanding Official Windows 8 Themes to make Spicier Interface just for your own device. Furnish your precious electronic piece of equipment with the services of these fantastic themes and share them with others to show them your lovely discovery in addition.

1 – African Wildlife

African Wildlife

This fabulous theme is presenting the exciting exquisiteness of the African savanna having 14 beautiful and amazing photos of different animals from diverse places such as an elephant group wandering in Botswana, a lion next to crack of dawn in Kenya, Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) sitting in grass and a leopard creeping around in Namibia and much more.

2 – Ancient Egypt theme

Ancient Egypt theme

The magic of the Egypt can be seen on your computer screen by applying this thrilling Ancient Egypt Theme. You can discover the originality and mystery of prehistoric Egypt, starting from Giza Pyramids next to the sunset just before the sculptures of the great Pharaohs and the shrines of Luxor when you display this amazing Windows 8 theme.

3 – ASUS and Intel: In Search of Incredible 2 theme

ASUS and Intel: In Search of Incredible 2 theme

Eye catching images included in it which are taken from the campaign of “In Search of Incredible” added by Asus and Intel in this amazing theme which take your desktop’s insensitivity in the direction of a new height. You can enjoy by feeling of taking protection inside a tent resting on a snowy ridge, plot a route of highline, hike along a mountain undulation or saunter a tightrope.

4 – Bees theme

Bees theme

Bees are very beautiful insects and can be seen in gardens or any place where you trace a lot of flowers. The lovely photos in this delightful theme are very intelligently taken indicating the close-ups of colorful flowers and bees by the famous photographer Mayur Kotlikar that makes your desktop charming and attractive. By applying this theme you can change your mood in an exclusive manner.

5 – Caribbean Shores theme

Caribbean Shores theme

Colors and clarity of nature in Barbados can be enjoyed on your screen very easily with the help of Caribbean Shores theme. A silent bay at the sunset, palm trees and emerald green grass are the elements for pleasure and to relax in the Caribbean Shores and an unmanned yellow fishing canoe hovers into the water, transparent like glass makes a marvelous change in the mood of the viewer. This theme includes many photos which are the excellent source of your entertainment.

6 – Cougar Mountain Zoo theme

Cougar Mountain Zoo theme

An association dedicated toward wildlife protection and edification “Cougar Mountain Zoo” has a variety of inhabitants comprising of Bengal Tigers, Multicolored Macaws, Cougars and Wallabies and much more. If you are a pet lover and get pleasure from visiting zoo, then you’ll definitely enjoy and love to have this theme which contains images of all the animals mentioned above and lot more than that.

7 – Garden Life 2 theme

Garden Life 2 theme

Garden is always a great source of relaxation due to its loveliness and fragrance spread by the flowers but unfortunately, we do not have much time to visit them in this modern busy life style especially on daily basis. When you are tired and want to walk for a while, you prefer to be in a place that is quiet and beautiful to get rid of exhaustion. This theme is a sequel of Garden Life which has a number of nature friendly photos showing a variety of flowers and insects such as busy bees, ladybugs and caterpillars right on the screen of your electronic device.

8 – Glaciers Panoramic theme

Glaciers panoramic theme

Main feature of this theme with the name of Glaciers Panoramic theme is that, it is premeditated on the way to expand from corner to corner on double monitors. The attractiveness of glaciers is attributed in this complimentary Panoramic Theme for Windows RT and Windows 8. In Alaska, Icebergs pack a freezing lake, in Argentina, ice patterns position similar to statues and Iceland is sparkled by northern illuminations.

9 – GTGraphics 2 theme

GTGraphics 2 theme

Do you want to travel in the immensity of the space? GTGraphics Theme is a great theme to fulfill your desire ate your own computer screen to explore the space as it includes many imaginative and stunning images. You can experience the lives of supplementary globes and extra planets in the course of innovative Spacescapes all the way through this creative theme.

10 – Halo 4 Heroes theme

Halo 4 Heroes theme

Wow, now the characters and the heroes of Halo 4 are combined at a single place in the shape of this theme. The chances are far above the ground for shipwrecked pair, Cortana and Master Chief as they encountered in opposition to enormous destruction in Halo 4 by the way of deadly technology, ancient immorality and an unidentified planet for the main objective of presenting the main ideology of the game in a marvelous manner.

11 – Jack Reacher theme

Jack Reacher theme

Paramount Pictures is a well-known name in the world of cinematography and Jack Reacher theme is primary based on its one of the best movies. Windows is featuring this thrilling theme of action-packed expedition, which gives you the experience of the anticipation of the ex-military canvasser Jack Reacher. Beautiful photos captured from the best moments of the movie are included in the theme and you can embark on a surprising pursue for the legitimacy.

12 – Large and Small theme

Large and Small theme

Mixture of different creatures and the life of the forest are shown remarkably in the outstanding and quietly spectacular images of this Large and Small theme for the reason that Frost is looking like stopped in the middle of the air while Dew drops are sparkling on the dandelion kernels and sharp edges of the grass which are adding charm and attractiveness to the colors of the nature and much more.

13 – Shadowboxes theme

Shadowboxes theme

Amazing illusions are created with an idea of distinctive visualization to life in these imaginary, artful and inventive images crafted completely from feathers which are giving the look of flying birds all around having their dark shadows filling the desktop bursting of birds. This royalty free theme includes 13 imaginary photos for your Windows.

14 – Snakes theme

Snakes theme

Dangerous looking snakes will capture your desktop if you apply this breathtaking theme containing different spices of astonishing and good-looking snakes which is ideal to commemorate Snake Year. The wonderful images include close-ups of different snakes with amazing and miraculous skin and eyes having an unbelievable color combination created by the nature itself.

15 – Thailand theme

Thailand theme

Now you don’t need to go to Thailand in your dreams for the cause that the beauty and natural scenery of this noteworthy country has come to your desktop in the form of Thailand theme consisting of attractive photos representing natural beauty of Thailand in a very realistic manner. Sunshine passes through a filter in the course of haze above the verdant sandy mountains and a fishing yacht hovers close to a royal sea cliff.

16 – Fauna Dynamic theme

Fauna Dynamic theme

Almost, every kind of critters inhabit this complimentary Fauna Dynamic theme for Windows and it contains the exclusive images which include whales, giraffes, foxes, peacocks and snakes. The animals’ photos which you receive in this theme are just an illustration of what you’ll acquire and new photos can be automatically added through RSS feed to enjoy more amazing creatures as well.

17 – Castles of Europe theme

Castles of Europe theme

This eye catching theme consists of 21 incredible and wonderful structural designs from UK, France, Scandinavia and Spain. A number of Europe’s mainly attractive fortresses, Castillo and chateaus brought in the direction of your desktop through this free of charge theme for Windows. You’ll be amazed that how these architectures were constructed and shaped in the ancient times.

18 – Surfing theme

Surfing theme

Are you crazy about surfing? This outstanding theme provides you the supplies of the impression of the sea to enjoy surfing with the waves of the blue and clean water of the ocean. You are able to get pleasure from the seashore voices in this extraordinary theme along with the high altitudes waves which are the main sources of surfing smoothly without going outside.

19 – Insects Dynamic theme

Insects Dynamic theme

18 sample pictures are incorporated in this insects theme in which special creepy-crawlies are captured in their indigenous habitation through associates of the society. You can get a lot more other than these delightful lady bugs, these pleasing to the eye dragonflies, charming butterflies and a number of additional insects which are a speculate to observe in future, through RSS feed.

20 – Beautiful Birds theme

Beautiful Birds theme

Birds are very beautiful, charming and multicolored creature which endow with us some relief from our problems when we observe them flying in the air and making a number of delightful movements and attention grabbing sounds and with the assistance of this free of cost Windows theme, you become capable to brighten up your day with elegance and attractiveness plumage of peacocks, flamingoes, swans and other interesting birds.

21 – Animal Affection theme

Animal Affection theme

A couple of King Penguins is the main image of this animal loving and friendly theme consisting of 14 supplementary photos of various animals or the main motivation of displaying affection. Fabulous looking Horses cuddle, attractive looking cats doze in a disheveled mountain, leopards clean up each other and goldfish kiss in this adorable collection of love and friendliness from the animal monarchy.

22 – Flora Dynamic theme

Flora Dynamic theme

Delight in by applying another dynamic theme in which more good looking photos can be added afterwards through RSS feed presenting the colors and life of the plant sovereignty. The model images in this page include dew-drenched leaves (dew on Catkin Strands), well designed equilibrium of particles and flamboyant blossoms in addition to lovely flowers such as white daisies, annul honesty and violets etc.

23 – Antarctic theme

Antarctic theme

This Window’s royalty free theme is representing existence at the bottom of the planet and the beauty of Antarctica together with South Atlantic. A number of 15 remarkable Photos include Cliffs in sunset (Adelie Sea), king penguin standing in surf, iceberg, snow hill Iceland, Emperor penguin family and Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins on Iceberg are added which convert your desktop into a glacier palace.

24 – NASA Spacescapes theme

NASA Spacescapes theme

This science fiction theme is make you able to travel in the space with the help of NASA’s space crafts and take pleasure in your journey roaming the distant crook of the space and universe. Find out about the reverberation of the Big Bang, distant galaxies and dying stars by applying this NASA Spaceescapes theme and changing 14 wonderful wallpapers which are included in it exclusively for the lovers of science fiction stuff.

25 – Alan Wake theme

Alan Wake theme

Xbox 360 is very common and worldwide recognized gaming console and is the best source of entertainment to enjoy latest video games. In this outstanding Alan Wake’s Window’s free of charge theme, you’ll feel that you are getting involved into the story of this awe-inspiring game. This awesome theme includes 12 eye catching images taken from the best moments of the record selling games of Xbox 360.

26 – Paramount Pictures Movies dynamic theme

Paramount Pictures Movies dynamic theme

Are you a fan of Paramount Pictures Movies and want to know about the blockbuster hits from the Hollywood? This dynamic theme is created for the movies lovers which automatically updates and in this full of info theme, 18 wallpapers from the films True Grit, Super 8, Thor, Transformers 3, Cowboys & Aliens and Kung Fu Panda 2 are included at present.

27 – Waterdrops theme

Waterdrops theme

Water drops are miniature but give us enormous pleasure sometimes when we are in a mood. You are given the authorization to discover the world contained by a water plummet if you apply the Waterdrops theme. This liberated Windows theme attributing imaginative images of colorful drops of water having unique and beautiful texture in them, making your desktop wet with the services of 11 dazzling wallpapers.

28 – Feather Photos theme

Feather Photos theme

All of us is well aware with the fact that nature is very beautiful and consequently its creations are also very delightful and magnificent and even a professional photographing artist’s work can’t be compared with the brilliant design and colors of nature. This theme consist of natural images taken from the  various birds’ feathers such as Scarlet Macaw feathers, feathers from seven species of Sunbird which are living in sub-Saharan Africa and Argus Pheasant wing tip feathers is included as well.

29 – Bunnies theme

Bunnies theme

You can invite these charming and attention grabbing bunnies to cavort on your desktop through the help of this tremendous theme which cost you nothing. Bunnies theme is primary consists of a lot of rabbits’ photos in different angles such as some of them are close ups while others are taken from a certain critical distance. This level of cuteness is not finished yet for the reason that you have a lot more fantastic images to be explored after applying this theme.

30 – Blue Water theme

Blue Water theme

Outstanding photos of awesome and supreme places from each and every corner of the world such as UK, USA, Germany and Japan are especially included in Blue Water theme. The unique images are as beautiful as the water is transparent and very clean which is shimmering the beams of the metropolis, shining by means of the stifling deep-sea blue, twisting through systematic hills and streaming beneath picturesque rock bridges to provide you a an amazing but gorgeous environment right at your own device.

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